Latest Auction Results from Bonhams, Goodings and RM Sotheby’s

Auction prices continue their upward trend at January’s auctions.

Britain’s Best Driver’s Car 2017

Which car won the award for Britain’s Best Driver’s Car for 2017? In a supertest over 2 days at Castle Combe 11 cars were driven and the results may surprise you.

Call on the government to safeguard us from scams

We’re calling on the government, regulators and businesses to do more to safeguard us all from scams. You can help by signing this petition!

Latest Auction Results in London and New York

Auction prices continue to rise at Bonham’s and RM's latest car auctions

Lotus New SUV

Lotus's new owner Geely are working on ambitious plans for the Norfolk based company including a decision on the production of a new Lotus SUV.

Art investments continue to rise

This month saw some records broken as art investments continued their recent rises.

Read about the new Lotus Evora GT430

With Geely’s takeover of Lotus there’s an opportunity of moving Lotus towards being a mini Porsche. Read about the new Lotus Evora GT430 here...