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My Most Treasured Cars – Paul Michaels

Our Chairman Paul Michaels shares his most treasured cars from his own collection

1963 Jaguar Eagle E-Type
When I started Hexagon at Daleham Mews back in 1963, I specialised in Jaguars, specifically the E-Type. It’s where my business started so I have a great affection for this special car.

1953 Bentley ‘R’ type Fastback Continental
A very rare model, one of three with a factory sunroof. A beautiful, genuine car that could seriously do 120mph. Most of the family have got married in it.

1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato
In my view, the best looking Italian interpretation of an English car.

1959 Aston Martin DB4
One of the first 50 DB4’s ever made, a rare car with original windows (without surrounds). Aston Martin quickly realised that they would have to put surrounds on the windows as the airflow pulled the windows out on the original cars.
The first 50 are worth more despite the fact that you can’t drive it at full speed!

1953 Fiat 1100 pick up truck
In rare dark grey and owned by Ferrari, with original sign writing. We use it for charity events
– it’s a little bit of fun.