Magnus Walker, Porsche car collector and entrepreneur, recently spent a day at Hexagon’s London showrooms and was of course naturally impressed with the range and diversity of Hexagon’s line-up of cars for sale. During the visit, Magnus met the Hexagon management team and took stills shots as well as making a video of the collection.

Magnus Walker grew up in Sheffield and first fell in love with cars as a 10 year old after a trip to the 1977 London Motor Show. He moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and established Serious Clothing, outfitters to Madonna, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and a host of rock stars before developing properties in Downtown LA and expanding into the film-location business.

Today he is one of the world’s most prominent collectors and modifiers of Porsche 911s.

Magnus Walker is one of life’s originals. Serial entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV presenter, motivational speaker and one of the world’s most prolific Porsche collectors, the dreadlocked, tattooed hoarder of creativity is the very embodiment of individual success.

Raised in the grim urban decay of Thatcher’s Britain, Sheffield-born Magnus Walker left school with just two O-levels and drifted for several years before buying a one-way ticket to America. Now, thirty years and three successful businesses later, by following his instincts, rejecting convention and pursuing his passions, Magnus has succeeded against all the odds.

Magnus Walker’s new book “Dirt Don’t Slow You Down” has just been released