Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet - Hexagon Modern Classics

JBR Capital asks: “Is the interest in young Porsches sustainable?”

Our expert Jonathan Franklin gives his opinion:

“The interest in the later model 911’s – the ‘modern classics’ is very buoyant; 40+ year olds with disposable income can enjoy anything with an ‘RS’ or ‘Turbo’ badge from the 90’s up until present and have a lot of fun and sometimes even make a profit – what’s not to like!

“The thing with 911’s is that one goes up in value and then makes another similar look like a bargain – it’s picking the right car at the right time – at the moment I think the 997 GT2 RS and 4.0 RS will continue to rise at the top of the scale and GTS and Turbo S variants should retain their value on the back of them as they look ‘reasonable’ in comparison – and of course are much more affordable.

“Going back a few years I think the ones to look out for are the rare 993’s like the RS Club Sport – seam-welded chassis and manual gearbox – just like the GT2 but naturally aspirated which the purists prefer.

“Going back a bit the 964’s which are non-existent with low mileage are definitely a sleeper – a good 964 Manual C2 (if you can find one) should be secured now! These cars are the first of the useable modern classics that ooze character and are simple, retro and cool – and have a long way to go in my opinion.

“The key is always low number cars and remember if you love it chances are someone else will too – if your reaction is “WOW!” when you first clap eyes on it – that’s the secret ingredient.”

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