We are delighted offer this very rare Abarth 695 Biposto which is the most extreme iteration of the Fiat 500 from this latest generation.

Fiat began making the Fiat 500 in 1957. Soon after production began, Abarth, which was born in1949 and started its association with Fiat in 1952, started to tune and race the Fiat 500. They were renowned for creating some quite extraordinary cars both in design and nature. They became Fiats in house tuning and racing department in 1971. When production of the 500 ceased in 1975, the world lost the character and lunacy of Abarth as they became resigned to manufacturing less extreme versions of Fiat Automobiles.

Then in 2007, 50 years after the original 500 was produced, Fiat brought the name back and used the same basic styling template as before. The car was retro and modern, but a clear relative of the car that begat it some fifty years earlier. Once again, Abarth couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest iteration of the 500, and so began their efforts in making the 500 a serious player in the already crowded hot hatch market.

The name 695 Biposto harks back to the first Fiat and Abarth collaboration of 1952. Their first joint effort was the 1500 Biposto, meaning two-seater. It is no coincidence that this car is also named a Biposto. To focus and lighten the already featherweight standard 500 Abarth, the rear seats have been removed and represent one of the extreme measures taken by Abarth to make the 695 Biposto as light as possible.

This particular example comes in what is arguably the most desirable spec. The first owner was meticulous when it came to the attention to detail of the car. Hence the car is fitted with the best optional extras available. These include the Special 124 kit, Carbon kit, Track kit and the all-important Dog ring gearbox. The Dog ring gearbox was an £8,500 option that could be fitted to the car. Due to the cost of this option, only a small minority of 695 Biposto’s have the Dog ring gearbox fitted, making this is a unique opportunity to acquire a very rare car that has true racing pedigree and a stunning racing gearbox, whose linkage and shifter are works of art in themselves. The car was praised by journalists when it was released due it possessing a character not seen before in the latest generation of 500 Abarth’s,

The Dog ring gearbox provides the major appeal for this 695 Biposto over other cars available. However, other than the optional gearbox, the Biposto comes with a highly specialised specification. Thanks to all of the weight saving measures such as the carbon fitment and seat removal, the Biposto comes in at under 1 tonne at just 997kg’s. Combine this with a 190bhp 1.4 litre turbocharged engine and the racing gearbox, and the Biposto can reach 60mph in under six seconds. The Akrapovic exhaust helps to add to the character of the car by giving it a great sounding engine note.

The car is presented matte Grey paint with a leather and alcantara interior. It is available for viewing at our London showroom. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a unique car, and who knows when the next Biposto in a specification this sought after will come available.

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