Our Daytona here at Hexagon is one of the early Plexi-glass cars and has a fascinating history behind it. In December 1968, renowned Ferrari collector Colonel Bob Roberts wrote to Colonel Ronnie Hoare of Maranello Concessionaries and expressed his desire to buy a Daytona. During his correspondence with Colonel Ronnie Hoare, he expressed concerns that the seats may be too narrow for him. Because of this, the car was eventually delivered by Ferrari in July 1970. The car cost just £8,835, which was a £482 discount over the cars official price tag. However, upon receiving the car it is said that the Colonel was less than blown away by his latest purchase. The car came with a few minor blemishes and faults, such as the carpets being presented in the incorrect blue. Being a perfectionist when it came to his cars, Colonel Bob Roberts decided to test the top speed of the car. The claimed top speed was 173mph but when the Colonel tested his Daytona, the car only reached 171mph. Having complained extensively to Ferrari, the car was taken back to the factory to be checked. Upon the cars return to the Colonel, it reached 174mph which was better than the claimed top speed of the car.

The car comes with a complete history file documenting its entire life as well as any work that has ever been done to the car. It is a fully matching numbers car and has only covered 8,000 miles since 1957. It is as good now as it was brand new. Throughout the lifetime of this car, it has only ever had two owners, both of whom were prestigious about originality and provenance. The fact the car has almost always been stored in a garage, alongside having has rust preventative added when new, goes a long way in explaining why it is still in such great condition. The car has been repainted during its life and the engine has recently undergone a complete re-commission by Ferrari Marque specialists. This stunning Daytona is available for viewing at our London showroom.


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