5 reasons why we love air-cooled Porsches

The Hexagon team share the reasons why they can’t get enough of these special sports cars.

In 1963, Ferdinand Piëch, the nephew of Ferry Porsche, oversaw the development of an air-cooled six-cylinder flat engine for a new model, the 911. Overnight, a legend was born.

For 35 years all 911 cars featured an air-cooled engine, ranging from a 2.0-litre to a 3.8-litre. Many believe they are the best engines ever produced by the marque.

Here are five reasons why we love air-cooled Porsches:

1. They are perfectly imperfect
Paul Michaels, Hexagon Chairman: “I drove a 1974 Carrera RS 3.0 around an airfield years ago, alongside a racing instructor. One major thing I learnt was that you don’t fight with these cars, if it needs to go, let go of the steering wheel! Once you lose it, you lose it. You need to be a good driver to drive these well but that’s all part of their appeal.”

2. Their evolution
The air-cooled Porsche has a familiar silhouette but is constantly changing.
In some ways, each year was an improvement.

3. A unique character
Each generation of the 911 has a character all of its own. It really is special.

4. They are constantly engaging
A drive in a 911 is never dull, especially if it’s an air-cooled one. Top tip: never lift off! If you lift off mid-corner, you are likely to find a hedge travelling rapidly towards you!

5. Reliability
It is the only air-cooled supercar that you can rely on every single morning to complete your journey. The build quality is superior, and that sets it apart from pretenders.