The Unique Wood Mercedes 300SL Gullwing | Hexagon

The Unique Wood Mercedes
300SL Gullwing

We have a life-sized Mercedes Gullwing on view at our showroom which is crafted entirely from teak wood by a German artist. This incredible work of art has all the original car’s details – fitted luggage, facia, switchgear – all crafted in wood.
It is a unique piece of art.




Hexagon Classics are delighted to present this incredibly rare 1.1 scale replica of the infamous Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. The car is fabricated completely from teak and is a near inch perfect depiction of the original.

The Front screen, with the detailed carving of the bonnet, the neat mirror, the protruding front grille, and the perfect headlamps are identical to the original, just the material is different. The car comes complete with fully functional side doors. These are complemented by an exquisite interior where nothing has been allowed to compromise the level of detail on display. The radio slot and its adjusting knobs, the darker shade of the steering wheel and multi-layered central console, and contrasting gear handle all point towards the smooth surfacing and handiwork that has gone in to texturing the minor details.

The hand-made wheels have been made with impeccable accuracy. They are connected to an active steering column and enable the wheels to steer. To complete the extraordinary level of detail on show, the bumper, trunk and licence plate are all near perfect copies of the original components. As a final touch, realistic luggage bags have been added to the rear of the car to complete its authenticity.